Is Couples Coaching & Counselling For You?



Relationship and marriage breakdown is more common today than ever before. Being together has become more complicated than at any other time in history. Things can easily go wrong. There is a growing need for couples counselling and guidance. 


Perhaps you and your partner have stopped communicating as you once did? Or perhaps you’re having intense arguments that seem to come out of nowhere and can’t be resolved? 


Perhaps you feel deeply unappreciated and unsupported and that your partner is being unfairly critical towards you? Perhaps you’re worried you’re living at such a constant level of tension that your health is being affected and, if you have children, their health and happiness too? 


Perhaps you have lost sexual intimacy with your partner and you're afraid that, like many of your friends, your marriage is going to end in separation and divorce?


If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s time to take action. Don’t delay! Many couples wait until it’s too late before they seek relationship help.


We’re a husband and wife coaching team, married for 24 years, and coach our clients together. This provides a balance of male and female perspectives, something that is hugely important in couples coaching yet very rare. It means that if you’re coming with your partner, both genders feel their viewpoints will be heard and understood. This is a vital step in repairing your relationship.


As part of our coaching program we also teach our  unique “Hour-Time” communication practice for couples, something we created many years ago, and now teach to couples to help them improve their level of communication with each other and avoid relationship breakdown. This is designed to be something you can do on your own.


For confidential relationship advice email us at: or call us on 0207 993 2291




Sessions are 75 to 90 minutes long and can be for both or just one of you. We recommend you come to see us once per week if possible for your relationship counselling. Longer means it will take more time for you to feel the positive effects of our work with you. 


At the end of each session we will give you a practical assignment, so that new ideas can be put into practice and real, measurable improvements made in your relationship or marriage.


We are based in East Twickenham, close to the River Thames, and hold the sessions in a beautiful, uplifting room with a tranquil view of the trees and the river nearby.


You can have your relationship counselling sessions in person, or by Skype, Facetime or telephone, or a combination of any of the above. Simply tell us your preference when you book. The important thing with relationship counselling is to maintain continuity and flow.



In an ideal world both partners would come for couples counselling. However, often one partner is initially more open to relationship advice than the other. Don’t let this worry you: one person in a relationship can make a huge difference in the prevention of separation and divorce.


Everyone has their own pace. You may be ready to seek relationship help and make changes, but your partner may need more time. If you push them too hard and insist they come with you, their resistance may become stronger and the result opposite to what you desire.


Be courageous! Take the first step now by calling us on 0207 993 229 for confidential relationship advice. There is no obligation to book, but you may find an impartial ear helpful to decide how you go forward.